⁣Search the best way to lose fat fast and you're likely to be hit with headlines like these:

“Lose 24lbs in 14 days with the Boiled Egg Diet” ⁣ ⁣ “Keto 28 Day Meal Plan to Burn Fat FAST” ⁣

“WW new custom program is proven to make weight loss easier”⁣

Sounds promising right? So if diets actually worked, why are 99 MILLION Americans OVERWEIGHT? ⁣DIETS and lack of access to healthy food, THATS WHY. Seriously though the 2 leading causes of obesity are POVERTY and DIETING. ugh wtf?! Lack of access to healthy food due to poverty is a subject I'll cover in another post. So for now lets focus on a few things the diet industry doesn't want you to know and how it's impacting your weight.

1. PATIENCE: If you want to lose fat and actually keep it off, slow and steady is the way to go. A lifestyle change is a must, 14 or 28 days is not enough to cement habits or see real change. You'll need to adopt lifestyle changes, not go on a cleanse or diet every few months. ⁣

2. NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING: If you’re not in a caloric deficit you’ll never lose fat. The quality and quantity of food matter, focus on plant-based, minimally processed foods. You can enjoy your favorite foods, but do so mindfully. ⁣

3. EXERCISE IS A MUST: Adopting a consistent exercise routine that you enjoy is a must not only for health but also for fat loss. Prioritize strength training, as it changes your body composition by increasing muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns on its own. ⁣Don't think that you can outwork a bad diet, because unfortunately thats not how it works. Movement is good for your health no matter how you do it, so find something you love.

⁣ 4. STRESS & SLEEP MATTER: You must manage your stress levels and get enough zzz's 😴Chronic stress & sleep deprivation wreak havoc on your hormones, messing with your appetite and your metabolism. You’re more likely to over-consume calories when stressed/sleep-deprived.⁣ ⁣Americans in general are overworked and under rested. You may not be able to change your work, but you can change how you feel about it.

5. DIETS DON’T WORK: They know this 💩doesn’t work, but they keep selling it. Scientifically proven, or doctor endorsed means nothing. If any one of these diets truly worked, there wouldn’t be the need for another one.⁣ No matter the latest gimmick or the latest herb found in the amazon, the best way to lose weight is to eat mindfully, move your body and manage stress. ⁣

6. DIETING IS BIG BUSINESS: The diet industry is worth $72 BILLION dollars. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity is double that at $147 BILLION dollars. One industry is making a f*ck ton of money selling the transformation while another is cashing in big time on you staying overweight. ⁣So don't think for a second that they actually want you to succeed, they make more money off of you being overweight.

⁣ With all of that being said YOUR HEALTH IS MY PRIORITY WHICH IS WHY I DON’T SELL DIETS & MEAL PLANS. Dieting doesn’t work and giving you a meal plan isn’t actually teaching you anything other than how to follow a plan. ⁣


  • how to eat to nourish your body and maintain a healthy weight. ⁣

  • how to workout to build muscle.

  • how to do this on your own someday, because you'll never truly maintain this lifestyle if you don't learn how to do it. Once you do though, I promise it's as easy as tying your shoes. SERIOUSLY.

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