FREE Home Workout Resources

Hey! Now that most of us are either self quarantined or working from home for the foreseeable future I wanted to share some of my favorite & FREE home workout resources. If you have anything to add to this list that I missed please comment or send me the info @

FitOn App: always free! Lots of classes from popular instructors

Tone It Up: Free for new members for 30 days

Peloton: Free for new members for 90 days -Lots of options not just cycling

FightCamp: Free workouts just launched on YouTube

Louise Green: Big Fit Girl app free for 30 days

Aaptiv: 7 day free trial

Nike Training Club: Always Free!

At Home Workouts with Briana Ottinger Facebook Community: Free workouts posted daily through April 7th (or longer depending on this whole virus situation)

If you're looking for more direction and a specific plan I highly suggest my BRAND NEW home workout guide. I've adapted the same gym workouts my clients have been using to get results in the first week for at home use. Grab the BOFitness Home Workout Guide, for just $4.99/week!

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