Are you ready to FINALLY Say Goodbye to YO-YO Diets and HELLO to Lasting Results?

The Yo-Yo No More Program enables you to ditch the diet forever and build a toned, feminine body that you'll be OBSESSED with, in 12 weeks.


This individualized program meets you where you're at, to transform your body from the inside out. There's no other program like it because there's no one like YOU! 

  • Losing the same 15 pounds year after year

  • Working out all the time and not seeing results 

  • Constantly thinking about food, yet never feeling satisfied

  • Depriving yourself of your favorite foods like pasta, pizza, and chocolate

  • Feeling self-conscious about your body


  • Enjoy food again, without counting calories or tracking macros 

  • Accept your body unapologetically at any size 

  • Have clear, simple workouts that you can do without fear of doing it wrong

  • Be supported through every step of your journey

  • Have more energy and seek pleasure from things other than food

  • See healthy eating and exercise as a form of self-care


"Briana always made me feel like she was right there training with me through every step of my journey. She always has words of encouragement on the tough days and kudos for the good days!"



"Challenged me to go further than I thought I could! Briana has made a couch potato like me, less afraid of exercise, and more knowledgeable about my body and its abilities."


"I believed I had to wait until I lost the weight to lift heavy and try new things, Briana helped me see how much my body was capable of! I dropped 10% body fat but it was never about the weight loss." 

  • 12 Week Individualized Training and Nutrition Protocol ($3000 value) Love the gym or prefer the nap time hustle? I got you with a program that fits your preferences and equipment available. Simple & quick meals are my jam, you'll be in and out of the kitchen in no time
  • Trainerize App Access ($500 value) Step by step instructions for hundreds of exercises with videos that break it down for you so you never have to wonder if you're doing it right. ​
  • 24/7 ​WhatsApp Access ($1500 value) Voice message or text me at any time with ANY questions! You'll have an answer in 24 hours or less. ​
  • 3 SOS Calls ($2000 value) Tough days are going to happen, and I'll be there with an extra boost when you need it most



Eric & Jeremy

"We hired Briana to train for a triathlon and we got so much more. She planned out our exercises for everyday, coordinated everything with detailed information from what resources we would need, to food suggestions, products, clothing and mental tips. We received nothing but positivity from Coach B. Our experience was unforgettable!"



"I hired Briana to help me stay healthy & active during my first pregnancy. I was able to continue working out right until I delivered. I'm certain my easy pregnancy and quick delivery were because of the workouts I did with Briana. We picked up again 8 weeks after my son's birth and I had energy to keep up with him. Taking care of myself helps me be a better mom."


"I did a 3 month virtual training program with Briana... and it was awesome!! My physical fitness level increased significantly. I was able to run longer, doubled the amount of pushups & sit-ups I could do. The workouts were tailored to MY abilities, and kept me focused in the gym."

  • What is this anyway? It's a fitness and lifestyle overhaul to help you build a toned, strong body you'll LOVE.  
  • How much access do I get to you? You get 24/7 messaging access via What'sApp. For those needing extra support, I have a VIP option available. 
  • When does it start? I'll review your application within 24 hours, and contact you to set up a phone interview. Once we've determined this is 110% a GREAT fit for you, I'll send over your program the following Thursday. You'll have a weekend to look over everything, and you'll start that Monday. 
  • I still have lots of questions, how do I get answers? Email me at hello@brianaottinger.com or send me a DM on IG :) ​


  • You're looking for a quick fix or an easy way out. You're gonna have to work for this but it'll be SO worth it. 

  • You want to gain the weight back in 12 weeks. I'm setting you up for a lifestyle change. 

  • You think shakes, pills and waist trainers are the only way to lose weight. There's NONE of that here.  

  • You want to continue doing the same thing. If keto didn't work the first 12 times, the 13th isn't going to be the time it does. #sorrynotsorry
  • You like wasting energy and time on sh*t that doesn't work. Time and energy are your most valuable resources babe, let's maximize them! 


Hi, I'm Briana, a body-positive personal trainer that’s passionate about helping women ditch diets forever and build a strong, toned body. It's never too late to take charge of your health and I'm determined to show you fitness can be FUN at any age! 


  • I'm taking just a handful of determined, hard-working women, to maximize support and success

  • If you don’t take action and apply today, your spot could go to someone who’s ready to step up their game. The only way to get results is to show up babe. 

  • You're smart, or you wouldn’t be reading this, but smart doesn’t mean you need to do this alone

  • You could continue wasting energy and time on your own, OR you can get the guidance & support that will accelerate your results and change your life forever inside YoYo No More.





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