Let's TACO about Cinco de Mayo

CINCO DE MAYO FALLS ON TACO TUESDAY THIS YEAR. I mean if this isn't a gift from above I don't know what is!

Hi I'm Bri and I'm a TACO-aholic. Seriously tacos are my freaking JAM. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I'm pretty sure I have at least once. #sorrynotsorry

I rounded up my favorite recipes for you, so you can throw an epic Cinco de Mayo party. Even if it's just you and your dog, because quarantine. haha

Lets start with beverages, because you have to have something to wash down all the chips & guac right?!

Kombucha adds a pleasant tang to margaritas and is a lower sugar option than traditional sour mix! I love mine with a splash of sparkling water but you can leave it out. Almost any flavor of Booch will do, but I'm a big fan of citrus-y flavors.

This strawberry agua fresca is SO refreshing on a hot day and the little ones in your life will love it! You can sub any fresh fruit (or frozen fruit) you have on hand!

Not to brag but my guacamole recipe is THE BEST and it's ridiculously simple. I make it ALL the time.

Yes you can buy this from the store, but I promise you nothing beats fresh, homemade pico!

Don't knock it til you try it, this dairy free, nut free queso has the same spicy, creamy flavor and won't weigh you down!

Ok so Nacho fries may not be the most authentic food but hot damn they are SO good. If you love fries and love nachos this is a match made in heaven.


Just like the ones from your favorite taco truck or taqueria.

What do you get when you combine leftover tortilla chips, salsa, leftover taco meat if you have it, scrambled eggs and cheese?? CHILAQUILES!

And for the grand finale, fried ice cream & fried bananas. Both are easier than you think, and although I haven't tried it the bananas would prob be amazing with the fried ice cream.

If you make any of these recipe, share them on IG or FB and tag me @brianaottinger! I love seeing your creations! Hope you all have a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!

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